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Anxiety conditions are extremely common and affect people in different ways. Anxiety is a perfectly natural response that has developed as we have evolved as a species, with the primary aim of keeping us safe.

When feelings of unease, worry or fear become difficult to manage however, many of us start to think about ways in which we might reduce the risk of danger to ourselves and our loved ones. This process of ruminative thought can start to take over our lives, with almost every waking moment engaged in thinking about the potential consequences of an action or events that have not yet occurred. Sleep can become disturbed as we wake, then begin thinking about the issue in the small hours. A lack of sleep then exacerbates the issue.

As anxiety increases, individuals develop coping strategies such as avoidance. Whilst in the short term, this safety behaviour works in reducing the anxiety- staying at home, avoiding shops, crowded places or social gatherings can then become issues in themselves, maintaining the anxiety cycle and resulting in isolation. This can have a significant impact on work, education and family life.

Research shows that CBT can effectively tackle anxiety issues. Our therapists work with you to identify the source of the problem and show you how to re-appraise risk factors, change your 'worry thinking' and reduce the occurrence of your anxiety.

Having chronic anxiety is like being at war with yourself. Why not let us help you win the battle?

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